It will come as little surprise to anyone that knows us personally that we are moving on from Daventry, its been on the cards for a long time now, but our move is more so down to a lifestyle change - and not because of our business.

Of course, we can't say honestly that Daventry has ever been the easiest of places to operate from, we know the people of Daventry like to take their money elsewhere to buy their non-essential items, it's the reason we would close on a Saturday because of little custom, but this town we have learnt, has always been serviced based and therefore we are proud that we built up a very successful jewellery repair business, so, we are pleased that we leave the town with 5-star reviews on Google and other social media platforms. 

It's as good as time as any to move because it goes without saying that the Covid restrictions have affected most retail severely and much of our High Streets were struggling way before Covid came along, however, we have to say that we will miss so many of you who have become over the years more than just customers but friends as well.

 We are moving to beautiful Dorset, South Coast with a bucket and spade in hand, but it might be a while before we use that!!

 Finally, for those of you still requiring fine jewellery repairs, a word to the wise, if your jewellery is precious to you, always check Google reviews before leaving your jewellery with anyone!

 We sincerely thank you for your custom, and we really do wish everyone a much more healthy and prosperous 2021, it really does look like with news of the vaccine that we can all be hopeful about that.

 Our very best wishes to you all,

Dean and Sue